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When I was a little feminist I went on a Zilpha Keatley Snyder binge, reading about 4-5-6 of her children’s books in a row. Her tomboyish girl characters are living out their colorful fantasy worlds in tree houses, caves, forest huts and abandoned tenement buildings. I’ve wanted my own hide-out ever since, but whatever I found was occupied by homeless people or teenagers smoking pot.

Point is that I’m moving into my hide-out apartment very soon, which is an island on top of the city, clouds, rooftops, inspiration, as much as is available in Budapest.

Let’s see what happens there.

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5 pm, 4 floors down

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Fishbraids and 5 k and feeding my musical fetish. day well done.

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On becoming a unicorn

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I have something on my forehead. I think it is a pimple. Or I am about to grow a horn. Yes, let’s say I am turning into a unicorn.

But even a slight lapse in concentration would have severe consequences if I were a unicorn.

You can decide what the below image illustrates.

But it was definitely not on purpose.

Gaudeamus igitur

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One of my little cousins graduated today from eight grade. This is quite a braintwister, as I am pretty sure she was just born.

Hotel in Szeged

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While my one-night roommate visited the complimentary sauna, I stayed behind with the BBC on, figuring out who was bombing whom. Also, I did not have a swimsuit with me.


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I wore the same shoes at a funeral two days later.

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My thoughts are making my ceiling very photogenic. I want to come over and look at what your thoughts do to yours.

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Now I am waiting for my sister to come home so we can play. I wonder where she is.